Out in the Desert

More than five months... that is by far the longest hiatus I've had on this blog in the five and half years I've had it!

Life is looking pretty different now compared to the last time I posted. My trip to SLO was an attempt to escape from the various stresses I was feeling. I tried my best but it was hard not to feeling bogged down by responsibilities and emotions that followed me from LA. One thing I was more than happy not to escape from was messages from an enthusiastic and charming boy named Marc. Flashforward three months, we were exploring new places together in the California desert. We got to visit Salvation Mountain and Bombay Beach at Salton Sea, places I'd always wanted to go. Solo adventures are uniquely fun and rewarding, but I am more than okay having a travel partner. In a way, the SLO trip inadvertently became a little ode to my single life. Life is looking different now in the best ways, but I learned to struggle, commiserate, feel, and love better during the last two years. I will miss that.