Some Memories

I used to remember everything. Well, not *every*thing, I didn't have a superpower, but I remembered a lot of details, dates, encounters... There were countless occasions where I would remember the exact date something happened, but would hesitate to say it out loud so I didn't seem creepy. That's not the case anymore, getting older is no joke! It's not as easy to recall specific details and more instances where I would forget entire memories that I used to hold close. Yet perhaps counterintuitively, I feel like I can remember memories, sometimes pretty distant ones, more vividly than before. They would flood into my mind unexpectedly and fully. When a friend stayed over with me a few months ago and told me a tender story while lying on my air mattress, I suddenly saw a sweet moment of my own that I had in Lisbon from 5 years prior. It wasn't just an image, it was like a short film that replayed in my head, except it took only a millisecond because I lived through the moment and knew it by heart already. Maybe the details were fuzzy but it didn't matter because all the feelings I had from that moment somehow all got transported back in an instant.

This is week eight of working from home for me. Nearly every section of the apartment already got a makeover. The setting on my loud little AC unit went from heat to cool. I've watched 36 movies (follow me on Letterboxd? :p) There was a heatwave about two weeks ago. Even at 10pm at night, the air was hot. I took a walk to a store over a mile away and picked up some fresh produce that Wednesday after work and dinner. It felt so much like the balmy summer evenings I spent playing badminton outside and avoiding homework when I was a kid in Beijing. I could feel the sticky sweat, hear the incessant buzzing of the mosquitoes and the smelled the bug spray I hoped would repel them. What a thing nostalgia is.

These are some photos I hadn't posted from my summer in China last year: