LA Diaries #3



What a crazy time in the world. I've been saying that way too much but I don't really have any other words to describe this sometimes. It seems like every day there is a new normal.

I started working from my apartment in Los Angeles last week. Of course it takes some time to adapt to all the changes, but I have never felt more grateful for all the things I have. My personal problems seem minuscule now as I am overwhelmed with empathy for so many people struggling during this pandemic. While we may be confined at home, I've unexpectedly felt very at peace and free. No one knows the extent of the situation both in severity and time, yet life does not stop. There is nowhere to escape but within.

This post is of a few LA adventures I had recently - the last ones for a while. First is when my friend and I ditched a networking event we'd signed up for and instead went up to Griffith Observatory  on a Thursday night. We could see the purple lights emitting from Staples Center as a tribute to Kobe. The second is when I had an hour to spare between seeing friends, so I stopped by Arts District to check out the art in a couple of galleries. I was testing out my new 10-20mm lens that I bought spontaneously. It's a lot of fun! The last one is a walk  and photo shoot on Malibu Pier with my friend to celebrate having sunset an hour later due to daylight savings (check out his work here, they are beautiful).

I don't know when I will get to see visit these places again, so I'm glad that I took as many opportunities as I could to do and see new things in this beautiful city I call home. (See my LA Diaries #1 and #2)