Yellow but Not Mellow

yellow flannel

Yellow is turning from a fashion phase into possibly my all time favorite color to wear. Two (here and here) of my last six fashion posts were already about yellow tops, yet I keep getting drawn to more of it.

Berlin was the last of seven cities that I visited on my own in Europe. I wasn't sure what I wanted to see or do, except that I would meet up with my friend Esme, whom I met on Instagram. We had a photoshoot together in Santa Monica back in February that left both of us inspired. Social media can turn into real life connections, guys! Esme was busy with work and a trip out of Berlin to visit family, yet she still made time for me and showed me around as much as she could. We explored the city on foot on what turned out to be the hottest day during my one-week visit; then visited a modern art gallery the next day. We exchanged stories, shot photos, gawked at architecture and art, ate gelato - all in an exciting, vibrant city that seemed to offer endless things to do. I could hardly imagine time better spent.

As you can imagine, there is so much I could share and write after traveling for weeks. I'm starting with these because I'm so proud of how the photos turned out. Each time I collaborate with someone else on a blog post, I'm reminded of how fun it can be to create something, anything. I hope you can see both of our joy in these shots. Check out Esme's photos >here<!

Silver jewelry portrait
outfit with yellow flannel and black pants with slits