Adventure is Out There










I’m currently sitting 39,000 feet in the air, typing this into a word document instead of WordPress because of the lack of fast internet (I’m still amazed there’s internet on planes at all). Somehow blogging feels fundamentally different if I’m not typing directly on the internet.

I don’t tend to make impulsive decisions or step outside of the box much when it comes to major life choices. However, I’ve always had a bit of a whimsical side. I crave and chase after the feeling of spontaneity, freedom, romance… It’s not always the most practical, and my views will probably change. For now, I couldn’t not believe that these feelings are what life is all about.

In the last months I’ve worked very hard at growing into someone that I’ve wanted to be. This has culminated into my biggest adventure yet – a two-month trip on my own. I want to say that I’ve been preparing for it tirelessly, but honestly, I still can’t believe it’s happening even as I’m on this plane to Paris. I feel a little nervous and a lot excited. I have no doubt in my mind that it’ll be everything I dream of, because I have every ability to make it so. As much as I’m doing this for myself and by myself, I’m not sure I could have made it a reality, at least not one with so few obstacles, without the support from everyone around me. Lately I’ve made it a point to spend as much quality time with people who matter to me as I possibly can. Every deep conversion, cup of boba, silly joke, sunset has been so appreciated, and will stay with me everywhere I go to help me learn about the world and about myself.


yellow flannel
outfit with yellow flannel and black pants with slits

Photos by my beautiful friend Mia