Memorial Monday at LACMA

Comfort, double denim, and the color yellow are a few of my favorite fashion things right now, and they are even better together than apart. I have had a couple of unusually social and spontaneous weekends in May, so it was important (speaking in relative terms here) for me to put together cute but comfortable and weather appropriate outfits quickly. Recently I got my first pair of RE/DONE jeans on sale and luckily, they fit perfectly. I love them dearly and find them so flattering. I even wore them to a club, perhaps against my better judgment. But I had a fun time and allowed no drinks to soil them.

On Memorial Day, my dad and I walked around LACMA around sunset time and took these shots. I paired my jeans with a yellow tank top from Free People and Nike tennis shoes (I’ve starting playing tennis, so much fun!). There were a hundred – probably not even exaggerating – simultaneous photo shoots going on at Urban Light, it felt like we were playing hide and seek. That made it more fun though, I think. I wonder how many other pictures everyone unintentionally appeared in.