We Could just Get Lost

"Put your white tennis shoes on and follow me
Why work so hard when you could just be free?"


Just kidding, you have to work hard to be free.

I'm drawn to Lana Del Rey's music because of the romanticism, escapism, and melancholy that seep through. Having grown up in different places of the world, I have an unfounded fear of being trapped in the same place. I'm constantly seeking that feeling of total freedom and ease - spending a day alone without telling anyone where I am, looking up plane tickets to "anywhere" on Skyscanner, seeing a movie from a seat where no one is in front of me.

Being in California, one of the best ways to feel free is to go to the beach. There's something magical and cathartic about seeing the ocean. Maybe because it feels like you've reached the end of the world and there's no need to keep chasing after something anymore? For someone like me who doesn't actually step into the waves much anyway. Anyway, I think it's mesmerizing every time.

In an attempt to capture the feeling of freedom the beach brings, I collaborated with the delightful and talented Esme (Check out her Instagram and Blog!), who was visiting California from the UK. I got all dressed up in my new favorite dress and the fuzziest jacket of all time (in my closet) for a "ran away from the party to go to the beach" look. We met up bright and early at 7:30 AM and Santa Monica Pier. I was envisioning a foggy morning and a deserted pier, but since I was not dedicated enough to get to the pier literally at sunrise, the sun was already blindingly bright and there was not a cloud in sight. Nonetheless, I loved how the shots turned out and it was such a fun experience.












Silver jewelry portrait

Photos by: Esme Buxton

Edited by: Me

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