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It was yet another rainy day in LA. I'm starting to get used to it and even enjoy it, especially on a Sunday when I could just be lazy and listen to the rain from a cafe. I had cozy in mind when I picked out this outfit, but couldn't resist putting on some heeled boots to make it more pulled together. Don't worry, they are pretty sturdy and non-slippery.

When I was younger, my school required us to wear our hair up if we had long hair. So to me, ponytails always represented suffocating restrictions and not a legitimate hairstyle that could be cute. But lately I've been loving experimenting with my hair a bit more. As silly it may sound, I think something as small as embracing a different hairstyle can be really freeing, a feeling I'm endlessly chasing after.

PS if you're reading this on valentine's day, hope you've been having a great one, filled with love.

yellow flannel
Silver jewelry portrait
outfit with yellow flannel and black pants with slits

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