The Yellow Flannel

yellow flannel

LA has been far from a sunshine paradise lately, or maybe I should say, even further than usual? Apparently, I've misplaced my umbrella, and instead of  buying one, I've just been avoiding going outside other than a short run from my car door to shop doors. The rain will be over soon enough anyway...!

What combats gloomy weather and grumpiness better than a cozy flannel? Well, many things, but a cozy flannel sure helps too. I picked this one up from Urban Outfitters, and when I went to the store to get it, I got sucked into the sale section and came out with this pair of black pants with slits at the bottom. They were on clearance and fit me like a glove so I didn't really try resisting buying them. Another thing I've been into lately is delicate silver jewelry, especially rings. I'm trying to build more of a stable collection that I can switch up and wear daily. The rings and earrings I'm wearing here are from Not Your Mother's Earrings (you can get 20% off using my code "zz20", but I bought these pieces myself!).

I've also been experimenting with editing in Lightroom a little more. I wouldn't say I've ever been particularly good at it, yet it's easy to get complacent after a few Youtube tutorials. These photos turned out a bit moody which I think goes with the weather and the atmosphere. I'm excited to try more different things.












Silver jewelry portrait
outfit with yellow flannel and black pants with slits