SF Moments


I kept alluding to big life changes in my very scarce blog posts in the last two months, and I'm finally just gonna say it now - a breakup, yep that's what it was, nothing groundbreaking. (If you're a friend who's a secret reader of my blog and feel left out of the loop, let's catch up I miss you!) Soon after it happened I booked a trip to NorCal to spend some quality time with friends, and that's exactly what I got - 48 hours of roaming, eating, laughing, tea-drinking, talking. Friendship is wonderful.

It has been a few years since I last visited San Francisco. When I went there more frequently for a couple years during college, I thought I could see myself living there. This time, even though I only spent about 4 hours in SF and I enjoyed my time, I didn't feel the same sense of potential and connection. That must be a sign of getting older - less things feel possible now. It scares me but I realized that at the same time, it means that I know myself and my place in the world just a little bit better.

These shots are from Mission District. I loved the colors on the murals, ice cream, Dolores Park, and walking around without realizing that my shoes probably weren't the best choice for a 13,000 steps kind of day.

Here's a gorgeous view from Twin Peaks on a chilly night. Until next time, SF!

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