LA Diaries #1

I have never loved living in LA like I do right now. I moved into my own apartment about four months ago and it has become my very own little corner in the city. I don't know how many years I will be living in this great city of dreams and reality, so I'm making the best of it. I've been going through some changes lately, but through my efforts, the positive has way outweighed the negative. I'm doing everything with more purpose and drive. This includes things I already loved, and perhaps more importantly, things that I always wanted to do but didn't for one reason or another. No more excuses. By keeping myself busy with things that fuel me and inspire me both physically and mentally, I find myself more at peace and grateful than ever, and just in time for thanksgiving!

LA is the backdrop to all of this. It's where I can see life changing movies before anyone else in the rest of country. It's where I could breathe in the crisp morning ocean air before work any day I feel like. It's where my friend and I would ponder about whether a couch in the museum is art or just a couch. It's where I can rage, sing, or cry in my car (not all at once) in gridlock traffic... For all these and so much more, it's where I feel most at home during this chapter of my life. It's a place that reminds me and makes me believe that I have everything I need within me to not only be okay, but be great.

This post will the the first of hopefully many more of a new series on my blog - LA Diaries. These are just a few photos I've taken over the last couple months. It's not a lot and they're not really coherent or heavily curated, but I think LA is at its best like that - random, messy, but beautiful.