Fall Blues

It's been a while! Recently I have been going through some life changes and adapting to them is taking all the energy that I have. I’ve been trying to do more and think less. I’m learning that instead of doing things when I feel like them, I should just go ahead and start doing things that I know to be good for me. One of these tasks is of course blogging. The creation of every single blog post on here has brought me joy. So I put on a new navy blue blouse that I got from a Free People sale, dusted off the tripod, and took some photos in a staircase (I have yet to master taking photos where people might see me). I think they turned out okay!

Even though it should be unmistakably fall now, LA weather has still been consistently over 80 degrees during the day. There is no evidence of fall here except for PSL, depressingly early sunsets, and gaudy Halloween storefronts. I tried to incorporate some fall colors into my outfit by wearing mustard mules (super affordable from Target) but was actually sweating just because I was wearing long sleeves. How’s the weather where you are?

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