Timeless Polka Dots

There is no doubt that polka dots is one of the trends that has stood the test of time, and it's definitely not going out of style any time soon. I can prove its timelessness because in this post, I'm sharing two polka dot dresses that I purchased ten years apart. Yep you read that right! The first one is a Betsy Johnson dress that my family got me in a vintage shop when we traveled to Japan in the summer of 2008. I adored it, but always thought that I needed a special occasion to dust it off. So in my closet it stayed, with the tag on, for ten whole years. This summer rolled around and the polka dot trend was back in full swing. I took the dress out of my closet and realized that I could totally rock it on a normal day off. I always say I don't believe in overdressing, so I better practice what I preach.

The second dress I got off of ASOS from a brand called Fashion Union. It's a bit more casual and has a similar colorway and a vintage flare, perfect for a day out in the Californian sun. For both looks, I wore my white Superga sneakers that I've worn with just about every summer dress I own. They're just too versatile and truly, if you own a pair a cute white sneakers, do you even need any other shoes?

Rediscovering long lasting pieces in my closet always reaffirms to me the importance of investing in high quality, timeless clothing. The pieces that I've worn repeatedly over many years weren't always expensive ones, but something from Forever 21 definitely had way less of a chance surviving through donations and closet purges. I'm glad to see that more people are seeing the downfalls of fast fashion because it motivates me as well. It's always a work in progress. Sometimes I see trends popping up and just have to be a part of it, which often results in buying pieces I later regret or don't get much wear out of. I still think it's okay to occasionally indulge in something fun and cheaper like the dress I got from ASOS, but still be conscientious about whether it's a meaningful addition to my wardrobe. I think that no matter the price or origin, taking good care of your clothes and being creative with pairing them with each other can help you be a better consumer.