Outfits (& Musings) of the Week

Last week I took on the "ambitious" project of taking and outfit of the day every day. Even though outfits are not the most consequential subject in the grand scheme of things, committing to doing anything can be difficult, so I'm proud of myself for actually going through with it. Here are my outfits and a little snippet of each of my day: 

Monday - Coral Floral

I've featured this exact outfit before in this post and I still adore it (shop the shoes here)! Mondays are gloomy so I wanted to tackle it with some color that hopefully brightened not just my day, but someone else's too. On this day I met up with my good friend Cathy whom I hadn't seen for almost two months. We hang out pretty often but because of summer travels and busy schedules, suddenly so much of life happened before we could meet up again. Needlessly to say I was very happy to see her, and she was gracious enough to snap a couple photos of my outfit.

Tuesday - Black & White - Peplum Edition

I feel like peplum's moment has kind of passed, but I have this gorgeous crochet peplum top that was gifted to me. Why would I want it to go to waste? I paired it with black jeans and blue sandals from Target. I think I made it work. I had a long day at work and absolute no chance to snap a photo, so I took a couple in the parking lot of my office.. They turned out okay though!

Wednesday - Comfort Stripes

Hump day can be just as tough as Monday. Some days I just want to be as comfortable as possible, and this was one of those days. Of course I still want to look polished, so I paired my heeled sandals with a striped grey tee and a black skirt. On this day I dragged myself to a pilates class after not working out for almost three months. For you fit ladies or gents out there, that might sound absolutely shocking. But trust me, it's hard to overestimate how inactive I used to be and I really put in effort to make a change earlier this year. Now that I've moved into my new apartment and settled in, I have no more excuses and really need to get active again! Please let me know if you have tips 🙂

Thursday - Muted Flare

I felt like the first three outfits of the week were all very sweet and feminine, and that's not necessarily my preferred style. So on Thursday, I wanted to go for the classic blouse and jeans look. I felt very confident and comfortable in it.

Friday  - Pink Gingham

TGIF! I gravitated towards pink yet again. I guess summertime has gotten me feeling all cute and girly. I thrifted this dress last year for $14 at Crossroads Trading. I'm still a newbie in thrift shops but I'm so proud of this find. I belted it with a braided brown belt and wore the same Target mules. It came together better than I even imagined and got a few compliments on it. After work, I went out with friends to celebrate the week with Shabu Shabu and ice cream. The perfect end to a busy week!