My Spring Uniform // The Flower Fields


If you've read more than a few posts here, you'd know that I adore San Diego. It's where I went to college and lived for four years. Even though a day trip is more than doable, the two-hour drive plus LA's unpredictable traffic even on weekends has kept me from visiting as often as I can. After about four months since my last visit, I finally took a drive a couple Sundays ago to visit my friend. We did one of the most popular activities to do in San Diego - visit The Flower Fields in Carlsbad. Located about 30 miles north of Downtown San Diego, The Flower Fields has over 50 acres of blooming flowers - Ranunculus to be exact - blooming for enjoyment every spring. Tickets are a bit pricey at $16 per person, but it's definitely worth visiting at least once if you live in Southern California. Of course, it makes for gorgeous photos! Read on to see more photos of the flowers and my spring uniform!


To visit the flower fields, I avoided wearing a floral dress because it just seemed too obvious. I had been on the hunt for a new pair of high quality, comfortable, and unique jeans for a few weeks and luckily found the perfect flare jeans from Veronica Beard the day before. They are high-waisted that hug snugly around the thighs and taper out into some interesting details at the bottom. Even though they fit me extremely well, the denim is soft and it feels breathable. I paired the jeans with a yellow Calvin Klein tee that I got from the men's section at Urban Outfitters. There was a similar shirt in the women's section but it was cropped, and I wanted something longer and a bit more oversized. And if it didn't work out, I could always give it to the bf!



All in all, I'm very pleased that I've found my perfect spring outfit - tee shirt, my flare jeans, and my white Superga shoes. I wore pretty much the exact outfit again last Sunday, just with a different shirt. I love the feeling of finding an item or an outfit that just works and you feel good wear it again and again. Cute new things are exciting but we all know the harms of fast fashion. It's hard to resist overbuying sometimes, but I really do believe that high quality, classic pieces are the way to go.

What do you think about these jeans? Do you have any recent favorite items that you wear all the time?


Carlsbad flower field
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