Sunday Thoughts #4 // Stop & Smell the Flowers

smell the flowers

It's time for another Sunday thoughts, yay!

I'm currently sitting on my couch with the balcony door cracked open. The breeze is a little chilly but summer is unmistakably coming, as golden sun rays are still shining in at 7pm. I had a great day today hanging out with my mom around Beverly Hills, after dragging myself to a Pilates class in the morning. It's just one of those days where I feel genuinely content and at ease. These days don't happen as often as they should even though I honestly don't have a lot of legitimate complaints. I'm always striving to change that.

I used to take walks with a coworker-turned-best-friend during our lunch breaks. We loved going through the nice residential neighborhoods around our office where we felt much farther from our building than we actually were. On these walks, my coworker would literally (and I'm one of those people that do not use this word casually) stop for a few seconds and smell the flowers. I would naturally follow suit. It was a tiny moment, but I adored our walks.

I feel like we've gotten so used to instant gratification with vast and readily available information at our finger tips, that life has become more frantic. I have a harder time concentrating on a single task than when I was younger, most noticeably when reading. If I see something interesting on the road, fail to recall a fact, or just randomly think of a question, I need to look it up on my phone as soon as possible. I also try to multitask too much. Cooking, folding laundry, and doing makeup are just a few things I might do while also watching a YouTube video. All these are not necessarily bad things, but I find that they do not make me feel as calm and content as I can be. When I'm reading up on a movie on Wikipedia during dinner, I'm not being present at the dinner, even if it's just a for a minute. When I'm looking up at a vlog on my laptop screen while chopping up a carrot, I'm not appreciating the joy of using my hands to create a delicious meal. I need to stop and smell the flowers more.

flowers in la
nuart theater

Last Sunday I took a walk around the neighborhood to go to a farmer's market - a small one filled with locals instead of tourists. I've driven on the streets I walked probably hundreds of times, but I noticed so many things that I've never seen before. It's amazing. There were so many colors, smells (some pleasant and some not as much), and small businesses who can't possibly be getting enough customers to afford their rent? My walk wasn't too long, but it was more than worth its time because it was an anchor for the rest of day. A day is filled with so many moments, but just a few good ones can maybe overshadow the rest, so why not fill your days with good moments whenever you can?


In short, I'm challenging myself to be more present, to do one thing at a time and do it well, to enjoy the small moments and things. What do you think?

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