The Interview Outfit

I've been planning on more content revolving around professional wear for a while now. Last summer I posted about two summer work looks, but those were everyday looks for an office with no strict dress code, whereas I really wanted to give ideas for what to wear to an interview. I had the idea that I would showcase a few looks that would apply to different professional environments, from traditional consulting firms to hip advertising agencies. However, I have realized that sometimes the more I plan for an idea, the longer it takes me to execute it. So I just went ahead and shot one look first. This is the actual outfit I wore to the interview for my job today! It's been more than two years and I still love it and feel amazing in it. It's a simple Ted Baker black dress and suit jacket, paired with some comfortable nude heels and a classic white watch. 


Ever since I was young, my family, especially my mom, ingrained in me the idea of presenting yourself well. She bought me my first full suit when I was 16 (the same suit jacket I'm wearing here!) and it was so much more than an outfit. It felt like hope, confidence, and anticipation for my future. Even though I've lived in "relaxing" California for more than a decade now and I haven't held a job with a dress code, my attitude towards dressing well has not changed a bit, especially for the interview process. And why wouldn't you want to dress well? Why not give other people a best chance possible at having a great first impression of you? When I slip into my black dress, I instantly feel more capable, less nervous and better at making quick decisions. Maybe it's just all an illusion but it certainly can't hurt. If you feel equally confident in any outfit, then all the more power to you!

What's your go-to job interview outfit? And what's your opinion about dressing up? Can you ever be overdressed? Personally I don't believe so, because dressing appropriately for your audience is also a part of dressing well, and if you put into consideration who you will be speaking to while picking out the perfect outfit, then it cannot be overboard. But I'd to know your opinions!


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