Women’s Day – Today and Every Day

This is a couple days late but I think it's okay because every day should be Women's Day! International Women's Day has been one of the only holidays that I was aware of since growing up in China. But it has never meant as much to me as it did this year. Like I mentioned in this post, recent movements resulted in changes in gender dynamics that made me feel empowered and validated. As the society is going through difficult but ultimately necessary changes, I have some much smaller, personal goals as a woman:

  • When hit on by a guy, I don't want to automatically resort to the "I have a boyfriend" line because I know it will be the most effective. I don't need to be taken by another man to say no to you!
  • At the same time, I want to be more gracious in case I'm being hit on, which doesn't actually happen often anyway. Unless the other person is being rude, I shouldn't feel the need to be defensive and standoffish.
  • Be okay with being emotional and insecure sometimes, because that does not mean I'm not strong.
  • To fight back when I instinctively feel jealous over other women's success. The society has always pitted women against each other. I'm not proud of it, but I know that it affects me. I need to learn to better support other women's achievements.
  • To go a step further, I don't just want to accept other women's successes when I learn of them passively. I want to actively seek out inspiring women and know their stories. I'm lucky because I have incredible women in my family who are intellectual, fierce, and independent, and equally importantly, men who are able to support and nurture these traits with respect. I was off to a great start but I can't stop here.
  • I want to become more educated and stay curious. Knowing facts, histories, and arguments for gender issues would give me more confidence and eloquence.
  • Stand up to casual sexism with wit. People usually mean no harm when they make casual comments and would not respond well to anger or disappointment. However, a quick, sharp comeback would ease awkwardness and leave a longer impression (in my opinion anyway).


What are your thoughts on these? I'd love to know! Who are some women you admire?