5 Maui Outfits

I went to Maui for a week! It was one of the best trips I have ever been on. After trips I always find the task of writing blog posts a bit daunting because 1) there are usually so many photos to go through, 2) I want to the destination justice and 3) I need all the energy I have to get back into the full-time working life! The post trip blues were particularly real this time... So I'm going to leave most of the trip highlights for another post and focus on my outfits in this one. I find outfit posts some of the easiest and most fun to do. Maui ended up being a little colder than I thought, but the extensive amount of thought I put into packing worked out and I had an apt selection of clothing. Without further ado, here are five outfits from Maui!

#1 - The Black Jumpsuit

My interest in jumpsuits is a very recent thing, and this one from Urban Outfitters is versatile, comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, fit me like a glove. The design is simple but the buttons make it stand out a bit more from a plain black jumpsuit. I paired it with these sandals from Cole Hann, which are adorable tan flat sandals with a pop of yellow. If I'm honest though, these were my least wore shoes in Maui as sneakers were best for hiking and flip flops were best for the beach. I still love them though! 

#2 - The Green Midi Dress

I find it hard to find flattering midi dresses but this one's perfect. Even though it doesn't have a layer of lining inside, there's a hidden button that makes the dress feel secure along with the straps outside. It felt breezy in the humidity and made me feel one with the nature. I wore them with white Superga sneakers which are my new favorite shoes! They go with EVERYTHING. 

#3 - The Pink One Piece Swimsuit

For someone who's lived near the beach for the last six years, I don't wear swim suits often at all. Usually even when I go to the beach, I just take off my shoes to walk on the sand and dip in the water. But I knew I couldn't possibly go to Maui without going to the beach everyday! I searched left and right for the perfect one piece swimsuit and after trying on many unflattering ones, I found this one from Splendid that I loved! I'm really loving pink and red right now (you'll see in the next outfit) and this was exactly what I was looking for. 

#4 - The Retro Red Outfit

While I was searching aimlessly for a swimsuit in Santa Monica, I got distracted and slid into Brandy Melville. I generally don't like shopping there because I don't agree with their "one size fits all" concept but... I caved in and bought both the shirt and the skirt. To be fair the skirt actually had different sizes! This was probably my favorite outfit from the trip. It went so perfectly with my Supergas as well and I got several compliments from friendly locals. 

#5 - The Tropical Outfit

The fifth outfit isn't mine but one that I picked out for my BF! I bought him this swim trunk the same day when I was looking for my swimsuit. Clearly I had pink in my mind! Funnily it was a lot easier for me to find the perfect swim outfit for him because I knew they would be perfect as soon I laid eyes on them. He wore it with a tropical shirt that I had gotten him a couple years ago. I've always found his willingness to wear bold prints and colors an attractive trait. 😉

Which one of these outfits was your favorite? And let me know if you're interested in reading more about what we did in Maui! Meanwhile, read my last travel diaries from Las Vegas here!