An Alternative Valentine’s Day Look (and Attitude)

Nowadays it seems that every holiday is merely a retail opportunity. Red clothing and accessories are being pushed to the forefront in major LA department stores for imminent Chinese New Year celebrations. These are not to be confused with Valentine's Day sales, of course, as these items are displayed underneath red lanterns, red envelopes, and well wishes written in Chinese calligraphy. There are a lot of holidays I love and look forward to, but there are some that I could definitely live without. The expectations are always sky high for days like New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day that they are set up to be unmet. And the earlier each store starts advertising its holiday specific merchandise and promotions, the more obvious it is that some holidays are just normal days being arbitrarily made into something important. I think on any day, and especially on these holidays, the key to being content is to lower expectations without being cynical.

Last year for Valentine's Day, Jerry and I walked to our neighborhood taco shop for dinner and then saw a movie that I wasn't sure I loved. Don't get me wrong, I definitely thought about making a dinner reservation somewhere nice, getting dressed up, buying a little gift, and most importantly, waiting for Jerry to "surprise" me with chocolate and flowers (did I even want flowers? no, not really. And chocolate? I could by myself some any day I want. If anything they're much cheaper the day after V Day). After we got into our relaxed date night with definitely no gifts, I felt a relief, as if someone excused me from doing all the chores from a checklist. But no one did that except ourselves, and I realized that the more I could let go of my expectations that happier I would  be. If you love everything Valentine's Day related, good for you! But if like me, you feel a tiny bit of dread and a sense of obligation to live that day a certain way, try to ignore it and know that you can excuse yourself from all the expectations and just have an ordinary(ly) beautiful day. 

To go along with a different Valentine's Day attitude, I also put together an outfit that made me feel confident and comfortable. I've seen so many Valentine's Day outfit ideas on Instagram, Youtube, and in shops, but hardly any of them doesn't include pink or red. I love those colors too but just because it's V-Day doesn't mean we are obligated to dress sickly sweet and ultra feminine all of a sudden. It's a good day to be a girl boss like any other day!

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What are your plans for Valentine's Day?