Sunday Thoughts #3 // LA Arboretum

It's not quite Sunday but it's been a little quieter here on my blog than I'd like, so I'm sharing some thoughts/updates! The photos are from our recent visit to Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden, located in Arcadia. It's known for its free roaming peacocks. I had visited previously in high school, but that was before I lived in the middle of the chaos that is LA city, so I didn't appreciate how peaceful and well-maintained the arboretum is. If you live in LA I'd highly recommend a visit! But anyway, here's some randomness: 

Movies // Every January and February in recent years, I tried to watch Oscar best picture nominees, but never even came close to watching all of them. This year I've got no excuse because I'm a proud Moviepass holder (I talked about it here) and I live in LA where special screenings and Q&A's are aplenty. So far I've seen 6/9 and really loved all but one (The Post). I definitely still want to see the last three before March 4th, but before then, I'd love to hear what movies you saw and loved recently!

Time's Up // On a more serious note, ever since the scandals of Hollywood came to light in October, I've been spending quite a bit of time thinking about and discussing gender issues with my friends. I've felt incredibly empowered, humbled, validated, and proud as a woman, but at the same time I find the issues at hand very complicated and confusing at times. As an analytical over-thinker, I can't help but feel bothered that a lot times these nuanced issues and problems seem to be discussed as if there are no grey areas. So I've started reading this book that we already have in the house - The Second Sex - a comprehensive (800 pages to be exact) gender analysis written by French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir. It was published in 1989 but I've already found it enlightening and relevant within the first dozens of pages. I have no idea if I'll be able to finish it but I'm sure it'll help me form more educated thoughts and opinions. Do you have any book recommendations?