My LA Winter Uniform

la winter uniform

Despite all the sales, I haven't been buying a lot of new clothing pieces lately, which usually automatically warrants a new outfit blog post. However, there has been one outfit that I've been wanting to share - this classic, simplistic "winter" outfit that's effortless to throw on and looks polished. It composes of: a neutral sweater or top, relaxed jeans, black booties, and a trench coat (same one as featured in this post). I've worn this outfit quite a few times now. It's the closest thing to a "winter" uniform. Normally I wear it with a thin sweater; but yesterday turned out to be too warm in LA so I swapped it with a sheer blouse. I was still sweating a little under the sun even without the trench coat though.. 

We shot these photos in Arts District in Downtown LA, which I've written about after my first visit last April and revisited countless times since. Even though it's a small area, I realized that I still hadn't seen all of it. Just a week before yesterday we found a Groundwork Coffee since our usual favorite Blacktop Coffee was closed for New Year's Eve. Yesterday we expanded our walk and found a lot more alleyways, industrial buildings, and local businesses. And what ties them all together? Street art, of course.