Three Sundays

December does not bring snow here in California but it doesn't diminish the holiday spirits. I've been a little behind on my blog this month because I've been spending extra time with friends whenever I could. I love that even though everyone's busy, the holiday season brightens everyone's moods and making plans becomes easier than ever. On each of the three Sundays of this month so far, I spent all day with friends exploring both SD and LA. I took my Olympus Pen around to for interesting snaps and spontaneous photo shoots. Each day didn't quite have enough content for its own post so I thought it'd be a good idea to combine them. So here's a photo diary of some of the things we did over three Sundays. 


Sunday #1 - San Diego

I went down to San Diego for one day on December 3rd for a dear friend's birthday, so of course we did everything and she wanted to do and had a great time. We spent most of the day in North Park, an area I loved exploring when living in San Diego. First stop was Communal Coffee, a coffee shop and florist in one, with a variety of toasts and plenty of photogenic spots. It's also located next to a nursery so we spent some time perusing Christmassy plants there. But clearly that turned out to be not enough plants for us, because we then headed to Pigment, an Instagram-famous store that has a succulent wall and color-coded aisles (I only realized much later that the store is meticulously color-coded because it's called "Pigment", duh!) that have everything from home goods to jewelry and books. We spent a little bit too much time here before finally leaving North Park for karaoke and Thai food, oh and boba! You can fit a lot in one day with good planning.



Sunday #2 - Downtown LA

A week after San Diego I spent pretty much all day Sunday with my friends in Downtown LA. After hearing about Smorgasburg LA (originally from Brooklyn) a long time ago, I finally got to check it out. Located on a newly-developed site ROW DTLA, Smorgasburg is a food and flea market that takes place every Sunday. A major perk is that there's free parking for two hours in a giant parking structure right next to it. Anyone living in LA would know that parking situations can really make or break an experience. The market itself is huge so even the most popular vendors didn't have an unreasonably long line. We tried out Shrimp Daddy and walked around looking through used books, artworks, and plant puns!

After Smorgasburg, we ventured to FIGat7th, another relatively new development near Staples Center. We walked around among its urban sculptures with a gorgeous sunset as the backdrop.



Sunday #3 - Griffith Park

Even though I've talked about Griffith Park quite a few times on the blog now (read here and here), I still keep wanting to feature more photos because it's just an endlessly magical place. On the most recent Sunday, Jerry and I went on a sunset hike with our friends. Unlike when I went up to Griffith Observatory in the morning when hardly anyone was around, it was packed with people gazing out to the west, enjoying the crisp air and golden sky. We snapped some cool pictures as the colors were changing by the minute. Even though Jerry doesn't particularly like getting his photos taken, he always looks effortless cool and natural in them. I'd like to think I'm a better photographer but I'm pretty sure he's just a better subject. Oh well, I still run this blog! 

After sunset, we sipped on drinks at Kungfu Tea in Koreatown while playing board games before having a warm hearty oxtail soups for dinner. Perfect Sunday.