Casual Outfit in Orange, CA


Last Saturday I spent a few very relaxing hours in Orange - an older town in California a little more than half an hour away from LA. Despite of the proximity, it has a small town atmosphere that makes you feel like you're much further away. I love that feeling. We first stopped by Portola Coffee Lab, located inside of Provision Market, a combination of a beer/wine tasting room, an exotic beer market, and of course the coffee shop itself. It feels warm and cozy inside and we were able to grab the best seats in the house by the window where we read and people watched. After coffee, we walked around town exploring thrift shops.



My outfit of the day was beyond casual, kind of like this one. While I do wear every outfit I post on the blog out and about instead of just posing for photos, I usually put a lot of thought in them and tend to only showcase new pieces. This outfit, however, features a random shirt from Forever 21 that I hadn't worn in a couple years and my everyday jeans. I paired it with my Marni boots, which I've been wearing all the time.


The twist in the whole outfit, however, is the baker boy hat that is all the rage this fall. I picked mine up at H&M for around $15. I'm seriously not a hat person. In fact I can't remember the last time I wore any type of hats - maybe in the winter of 2014 when I was traveling in Europe... Even though I'm pretty petite, I got this hat in size large and it's actually still a tad tight. Now I know how disproportional my head is to the rest of my body! Oh well, hopefully it makes me smarter, but probably not. Anyway! The point is that even though I'm not very confident in my ability to pull off hats, I quite like how this one looks and I think it pulls the whole outfit together. It actually helped shade my eyes from the sun too!


What do you guys think of the baker boy hat trend? By the way, this is my 100th post on my blog! I didn't plan for it and it just happened to be this pretty casual post. I'm feeling pretty motivated and inspire at the moment, and would love any feedback!