His and Her Outfits – Styling Each Other

Recently I was inspired by YouTube's "boyfriend buys my outfits" videos, but instead of just having my boyfriend buy me something, I thought it would be more interesting if I also picked out an outfit for him as well. I've always thought he has a great sense of fashion. He would point out pieces that he thinks would look good on me, but they are often quite unique and different than my usual style; so I was intrigued to see what he would choose for me. On the other hand, I love that he's not afraid to wear bold prints and that he is picky about the quality of his clothes, so I took it as a challenge to buy him things that he will wear again and again. Everything took quite a while to put together. He was more decisive than me but took a while to start shopping. I started looking for pieces for him right away but realized immediately that I knew next to nothing about men's fashion. I didn't even know where to look and mostly only saw either boring stuff or things that look like carbon copies of what he already owns. After a couple weeks of online orders, returns, and some trips to the mall, however, we finally gathered all we need and took a scenic drive on PCH into Topanga State Park for photos.

For my outfit, he spotted this top at Free People and pretty much wasn't open to getting me anything else after seeing it. The print is really beautiful (does he secretly know that dark florals are super in for fall??). I wasn't sure about it because I didn't know how to style it. It looks like a dress but you absolutely can't (in my opinion, at least) wear it without something underneath. In the store, it was paired over a bralette and leather pants, but we both thought the pants took away from the top. Eventually, I got my hands on a black slip to wear underneath and it was perfect. The lace peaked out from the top just enough and the length was just right. Since we were going to a park, I paired the outfit with some Sam Edelman brown boots that I already owned. For his outfit, I ended up buying a pair of Zara trousers that caught my eye on the first day of my search. I paired it with this top from Nordstrom with hummingbird printed all over. I actually ended up liking his outfit even more than I imagined and I was pretty proud. The key was that he tucked the shirt into the pants. He's usually not a fan of tucking shirts in whereas I can never not tuck my shirts into ANYTHING I wear on the bottom, so it was great that I could force him to do it for once (bahaha). I chose his blue suede loafers, which he doesn't wear nearly enough, to go with the outfit.

How do you think we did with these outfits? Would you trust your significant other to style you?