One Day in Chongqing

I just came back from a trip to China filled with family time and good food. While physically tired, I feel mentally refreshed because there’s no better reminder of what life is is all about than returning to your roots. I spent my childhood in Beijing, but the longer it has been since I moved away, the more Chongqing, my dad’s hometown, feels almost just as much of a hometown to me. This time I visited Chongqing for about 3 days, primarily to spend time with family members and celebrate my grandpa’s birthday. However I was still able to carve out most of one day to explore a few spots in the city with my dad. First off is a place I’ve been before and loved:

Hongya Cave (洪崖洞)

This is a multi-level tourist destination near the cross of Jialing River and Yangtze River where you can find any and all Chongqing snacks, a hotel, and killer views. We had hot pot outside which is a popular activity no matter the season.

Huguang Assembly Hall (湖广会馆)
30 Yuan (<$5)

This complex that was built in the 1700s and includes gardens, theaters, meeting halls that received immigrants from other parts of the country, serving as a place for them to do anything from conducting business to enjoying entertainment. It was a piece of a quietness in a city that never seemed to take a break from construction.

Yangtze River Cableway (长江索道)
30 Yuan (<$5)

The cableway was actually built more for convenience for locals rather than a tourist destination, but it’s a fun and relatively quick activity to do that offers beautiful views of the river and cityscape on both sides. It’s also located right off of a subway stop so minimal walking involved.