Don’t be a Bummer, Babe

Even though summer seemed to have lasted way longer than a season should (from Memorial Day until a few days ago), it still passed by in the blink of an eye. As much as I'm spoiled by Californian weather, I can't help but get a little sad as sunsets are getting earlier, shortening the windows of opportunity to visit the beach. So here's a bit of a random goodbye post to summer 2017, filled with some rambles and photos of a typical outfit I loved. Denim on denim is supposed to be somewhat of a fashion no-go but it's so easy to wear that I find myself in my Levi's jacket and Zara mom jeans without putting much thought into it. Throw in some bell sleeves that peek out of the jacket? The perfect amount of femininity. I accessorized the outfit with a vintage LV belt and brand new Gentle Monster sunglasses.


This summer had its highlights. First of all I got to explore LA quite a bit. From going to the beach in Santa Monica, brunching in Melrose, to eating and singing in Koreatown, I pretty much paid a visit to every neighborhood that interests me. I visited two museums - an encore of The Broad and an introduction to the brand new Marciano Art Foundation. I'm definitely growing a stronger liking to modern art. I went hiking a few times in Griffith Park and Malibu and also went biking by the beach during some mornings. I have been trying to become more of a morning person because I find that having doing something for myself before work leads to a more pleasant and productive day! I also hung out with some friends from England and took them to La Jolla for a day. There have been quite a few outfit posts on the blog as well, full of pieces that I wore all summer. Of course, summer ended with a big trip to China which was completely refreshing. Read about it here and here. Going into fall, there are a lot things I want to do, and I'm particularly excited to be wearing boots again!

denim on denim

How was your summer? And would you rock denim on denim?

PS The cheesy title is from Summer Bummer off of Lana Del Rey's Lust for Life album. I went to her concert in August and it was a dream come true. Did you attend any concerts this summer?


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