Thrifted on Melrose

Stretching from N San Vincente Blvd in West Hollywood all the way beyond Hollywood to Hoover St, Melrose Ave is one of the most interesting roads in LA (to me). I’ve made a quite a few visits to the west section of the road – eating vegan Mexican food at Gracias Madre, sipping coffee at Alfred Coffee, window shopping in Melrose Place, and taking cheesy photos at the Paul Smith pink wall. The farthest I’ve ventured to is Fairfax High School for its famous weekly flea market. A couple weekends ago I finally went past Fairfax and I totally regretted not doing so earlier. Immediately after passing the high school, the entire atmosphere of the street changes. Upscale and neat shop windows turn into eclectic and colorful thrift stores. My friend and I first enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Fartelli Cafe. With endless brunch options in LA, it can take a lot more than good food for a place to stand out. I’ve found myself increasingly picky about which brunch places I like to try, but this is a place I’d definitely revisit. There was no wait, the service was pleasant and there was even a cafe dog.

After filling up on crepes and breakfast tacos, we went into several thrift shops, spending most of our time at Crossroads Trading, American Rebel (formerly SLOW, I believe), and Wasteland. I’m a noob at thrifting, but I know that these stores are a lot pricier than places like Goodwill and may not be considered authentic thrift shops to some. However it is secondhand clothing so it’s thrifting in my mind. I scored three items at Crossroads Trading – an Equipment shirt dress, a Ted Baker pencil skirt and a pink maxi dress. I am a HUGE fan of Equipment and Ted Baker so when I found these items in my size for about $35 and $14 each, there was pretty much zero chance that I was going to pass on them. And had I found another similar item by chance, I probably couldn’t have resisted either… So in a way, thrifting is really pretty dangerous. Even though we didn’t buy anything at American Rebel, we both really loved perusing through the pieces, especially the back room that held the most unique and elegant vintage dresses. I saw a stunning yellow dress and was actually relieved that it was too pricey to be an impulsive buy. A flowy black dress with gold details also caught our attention right away because it was extremely Serena Van Der Woodsen. If I ever had a fancy occasion to go to like a charity gala, this would be the first spot I’d visit.

The Equipment dress I scored:

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