A White Romper & The Broad Part II

Sunday means another day of exploring! This morning I woke up at 5:55am to watch my hero Roger Federer win his 8th Wimbledon and 19th grand slam. I’ve been watching him play since 2005 and needlessly to say, I was absolutely overjoyed. The match was short and left me plenty of time to get ready for our visit to The Broad at 10am! We visited the museum last year (read here) but did not plan well enough to get into the famous Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusama. Even though the museum is free, you must reserve a spot to view the exhibit early in the day in the lobby. So today we went prepared and successfully signed our names up for a viewing time around an hour and half later, which was the perfect window of time for brunch! We walked ten minutes down to Figueroa for breakfast at a cafe called Crepes de Paris. It was probably as European as a cafe in LA could get. After we filled up on coffee and crepes, we were able to get right back into the museum with some time to spare, and we spent it perusing the new Oracle exhibit on the first floor that wasn’t there when we last visited.

And at last, we got our chance to see what the hype is about at the Infinity Mirrored Room. While waiting in a short line to get in, a museum employee told us to be careful as there’s water all around the viewing platform and that there’ll be strobe lights. I was amused by how surprisingly “dangerous” it sounded and felt excited like I was waiting for a ride at Disneyland. Each person gets 45 seconds in the room either alone or with one other person. We chose to go alone and even after seeing a million photos of it on Instagram, I was quite amazed. If you get a chance, definitely try to visit! For the rest of the afternoon, we walked around Downtown a bit and shot some photos of my outfit. I put on a white romper from Style Stalker that I got at a sample sale store in Larchmont Village. When I bought it I thought it was too dressy to be practical, but the sales associate convinced me by saying that I could totally just wear it to brunch. She was right! I did exactly that and loved it. I paired it with my new Nikes that I also featured in last week’s post and a light denim jacket/shirt to dress it down, though it was much too hot to be wearing it most of today.

How was your Sunday?