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I’ve mentioned my love for and quite frankly, obsession with unique hotels a feeew times before on this blog and have written about Korakia Pensione in Palm Springs, The Rookery in London and Hotel Indigo in York. There have been more similar hotels that I had the fortune to stay at before I started this blog, however, and it makes me sad that I didn’t take pretty enough pictures for me share them now. So I think it only makes sense to start a little series on my blog that documents any cool hotels I get to stay at – since my blog is more of a personal diary than anything, this might just be the most practical posts here! (I do spend HOURS and even days deciding on which hotel to book so maybe it’ll save someone else a little time.)

With that said, this post is going to be about the hotel I stayed at while I was in New York (read about the trip here and here) – Arlo Soho. This was the very first time I’ve ever stayed in a hotel by myself and it was the perfect choice. In fact I would’ve enjoyed it less if I were accompanied by someone else.

>> The Room <<

I stayed on a 6th floor in a City Queen room that looks like this. Arlo hotels are self proclaimed to have modern, micro, and flexible rooms and furniture that are designed for the “modern traveler”. This promise, whatever it might mean to you, definitely holds up in my opinion. The room I stayed in was pretty tiny, but it featured multi purpose furniture pieces that were all strategically positioned to maximize convenience in a small space. The “desk”, when stowed away into the wall, takes up almost no space, and there’s a stool neatly tucked under the sink that is the perfect height for makeup application when pulled out. The room had top notch bath products, a mini-fridge, hair dryer, a full length mirror and even a steamer, all placed in logical and easily reachable locations. There was also a good place to put everything I brought. The bed was quite comfortable and TV had HBO channels. Overall I really enjoyed being in the room. I thought it was relaxing and the whole idea of micro living has always been intriguing to me so I was actually quite excited by its micro-ness. Just bear in mind that it might not be for everyone.

>> The Public Areas & Food <<

Because the rooms are small, the hotel has quite a lot of shared space that’s also carefully planned out. The lobby is warm and inviting with lots of community tables, couches and outlets. I didn’t spend too much time there but every time I entered and left the hotel I saw lots of other travelers and maybe even locals getting comfortable in the lobby, either working on their own or engaging in a conversation with friends. They also have a cool rooftop with a bar and a nice view of the city. I went up on my first night to see the sunset. Arlo Soho does have a nice restaurant on the first floor called Harold’s Meat + Three that serves breakfast as well, but I didn’t get to eat there. I did grab a coffee at Joe’s Coffee in the lobby that’s open 24 hours and have dinner at a hot spot called Westville Hudson just a few minutes walk away from the hotel. I loved the food so I’d consider that a perk of the Arlo experience as well.

>> The Location <<

Arlo has two locations – one in Soho/Hudson Square and one near Empire State Building. Both are great locations in different ways, and I know because, well, I actually showed up at the wrong hotel! I lugged my suitcase on public transport all the way down to Arlo Nomad from approximately 170th Street and could not believe my eyes when I pulled up my confirmation email that clearly said “Arlo Hudon Square” when the concierge assured me my name was not in their system. I must have come across as such a ditz which is the opposite of how I usually am with travel-related stuff. Thankfully, they were all super nice and let me store my luggage there until I was ready to make my way to the right hotel. We had a nice laugh. ANYWAY. Arlo Soho is not quite as central as Arlo Nomad and is much less touristy, which I really enjoyed since I wanted to feel as little like a tourist as possible. It was relatively quiet and only a short walk away from all the shops and food in Soho or Greenwich Village.

All in all I really enjoyed my stay and would definitely go back (but perhaps to Arlo Nomad next time). What do you guys think about a hotel series on my blog? Are you also the type to go for unique hotels or are you more into budgeting on accommodation? I’d love to know!

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