Easter Sunday at Griffith Park

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not active, like, at all. I know it’s really bad and it’s one of the top things I need to improve on, but it’s definitely a sloww work in progress. So it’s hard to overstate how proud I am that I went on a hike this past Easter Sunday at Griffith Park.

Griffith Park is one of the best spots in LA by far in my opinion, but somehow I haven’t gone since theeasummer of 2013. As a seeker of peace and quiet in a chaotic city, going to Griffith Park is always on the back of my mind, but especially since seeing La La Land (super cheesy, but what can I do). We made an attempt to drive up to The Observatory a couple months ago, but the traffic up was insane and we were by no means wearing appropriate hiking shoes. I reluctantly turned around and headed back down the hill. Thus the decision to hike up from the bottom where parking is plentiful was made.

We took one of the trails on the west wide, as described on Modern Hiker in extremely accurate detail. It’s 2 miles round trip with pretty moderate slopes and gorgeous views the whole way. I loved that we could see the Observatory almost as soon we started. Seeing your goal at the end made it seem much more doable. It was a pretty hot day and there wasn’t much shade, but I still had a nice time. There were quite a lot of tourists up at the Observatory, but not too many on the way. I gotta say, gazing at the Hollywood sign by James Dean’s statue was a much more satisfying experience after hiking up to that spot. I think I might just try hiking a little more now. Any recommendations?