A Couple New Things

Even though I consider myself to have pretty good self-control and high standards when it comes to shopping, I still somehow end up with a bunch of items in my closet that I just don’t love to wear. My biggest problem is not willing to let go of old pieces. Therefore, moving apartments was the perfect opportunity for me to finally cut ties with some of things that just don’t do it for me anymore, no matter how much I used to love them (talking to you, sequined sweater from high school!) Of course, cleaning out = new clothes! I try to be as selective as I can but at the same time also: 1) catch on to new trends that I like, 2) get high quality, classic pieces that will work with anything and last a long time, 3) be a little bold and unexpected sometimes and 4) have a professional wardrobe that I can rotate for my daily 9-6 grind. It’s pretty hard to accomplish all these things and not splurge too much, but it’s definitely doable! 

Recently I made a Zara purchase – a pair of mom jeans and a collared shirt – that checks off all of these things. I have been wanting a pair of mom jeans for a while now but never got around to picking one until now. Thankfully it fits really well! The shirt has some unconventional prints but I clicked “add to cart” immediately when I saw it. I love its shape, colors, and the fact that it makes people take a second look. I’ve already worn both of these items at work and in my personal life so I can definitely testify to their versatility.

Jeans: Zara
Top: Zara
Shoes: Steve Madden (Similar)

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