A Day at LACMA

As Bank of America card holders, we get to visit LACMA for free during the first weekend of every month, and we finally took advantage of this sweet deal this past Saturday. I’ve gone to LACMA a lot more times than I’ve actually entered the exhibits. I’ve met up with friends at the cafe there, taken walks around the buildings and the Tar Pits, and even attended a free jazz concert in October. Like the Getty Center (which I visited in July and wrote about here), the LACMA experience is more than just the art pieces themselves.

But of course, since we did get free admission into the museum, it was time to soak up as much art as possible. First we hit the exhibit with… wait actually, back track, FIRST we hit Coffee + Milk (C+M) right next to the ticket booth to get some fuel. After a refreshing lemongrass iced tea, we hit the Japanese Pavilion and the Art of the Americas Building. I’d never ventured to the Japanese Pavilion before, and was totally wowed by its architecture. The building itself was so gorgeous that it almost took away from the art.

The Art of the Americas Building wasn’t too shabby either:

After browsing through (most of) the art pieces in these buildings, we walked to the other side of the museum, past the ever photogenic, jam packed Urban Lights (seriously, how does everyone get photos there with no one in the background?). The Broad Contemporary Art Museum is probably my favorite building in LACMA. I’ve definitely become a bigger fan of modern art as I’m getting older, and love to think about what they might mean before reading the descriptions. The museum showcases modern art and is quite a piece of impressive modern architecture itself. Anyone who’s been there would remember its over-sized elevator and the incredible views of LA atop the escalator.