The City Winter Look

I haven’t lived in California all my life, but long enough that I know almost nothing about winter fashion. My idea of dressing warmly lingers from my childhood and mostly involves thermal pants and puffy jackets – very limited and not particularly fashionable. Of course, it didn’t take long for me to discover the exciting of world of fall/winter fashion as I observed stylish Londoners strutting up and down the tube during my 3-month stay in 2014.

During my recent 10-day trip, I was a lot prepared than last time. I mostly stuck with classic pieces – turtleneck sweaters, skinny jeans, and sleek coats. Although I’m not much a sneakers girl, I wore my Nikes a few days out of the trip to maximize my enjoyment as we trekked 7 or 8 miles a day. I liked all my outfits because to me a big part of vacationing is to look and feel good, but my favorite was definitely my outfit on our last day – Christmas day. 

We had booked a luxurious afternoon tea at The Corinthia Hotel (read about Christmas in London here) and I knew I wanted to feel elegant and confident. When I was packing, I purposely didn’t bring too many sweaters and shoes to make room for some potential new purchases, and was I happy with what I found. I found a cream AllSaints sweater and a pair of black velvet booties from Topshop – both on sale and wayy cheaper than U.S. prices due to the decline of the British pound since Brexit (economics and fashion make a good combo in my book :p). I put together a clean outfit with these newbies, my beloved Ted Baker coat, and faux leather leggings from Zara. To finish up the outfit, I carried my Chanel purse and wore my gorgeous and effective Olympus Pen E-PL8 around my neck. I also accessorized with simple silver earrings, my Omega watch, and a gold bracelet. Even though the boots were new, I managed to walk almost 7 miles in it. I felt comfortable, powerful, and sophisticated. Of course, London is not a bad place to snap a few great shots.

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