Christmas in London

I’ve spent the last ten days in my favorite city, with my favorite person, during the most wonderful time of the year. Can life get better? Certainly seems not.

London is always magical but especially around Christmas time. All the streets are lit up and there is festive energy in every corner. There are plenty of activities to do leading up to Christmas – the numerous Christmas markets, shopping, ice skating… but our favorite thing to do is probably just walking around the streets and parks to soak up all the festivity. From Oxford Street to Covent Garden to St. Paul Cathedral, before we know it we were walking miles and miles every day.

One of the most popular things to do is Winter Wonderland, a Christmas market extravaganza in Hyde Park. It’s filled with endless rides, stalls, mulled wine, chocolate, and of course, PEOPLE. It’s an overwhelming place to be but definitely worth checking out at least once. I love seeing how joyful everyone there is, including me, obviously!

While the days leading to Christmas in London can be quite intense as you shuffle through seas of last minute Christmas shoppers and tourists on every street, Christmas day is much quieter and cozier. All public transportation cease operation and only veryy few businesses are open, mostly catering to tourists. London finally gets a break for a day. I knew Christmas day would be slow, so instead of a full day of activities and a giant dinner, I opted to take it easy by sleeping in, walking along River Thames, and indulging in the most delightful afternoon tea at the Corinthia Hotel. I’ve had afternoon tea quite a few times now, but this was by far the best. The tea was Swan Lake themed, and they really meant it. There were elaborate swan decorations, swan-shaped desserts named after Swan Lake characters, and actual ballerinas. It was such an elegant experience and I’ll remember it for years to come.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re having a fabulous Christmas! 


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