The Broad & Walt Disney Hall

Last weekend I visited two of the coolest buildings in alllll of Los Angeles – The Broad and Walt Disney Concert Hall. Though both are impressive, they’re unique in completely contrasting ways, and not unintentionally. The Broad is porous and angled while Walt Disney Concert Hall is smooth and fluid.

The main reason that brought me to the area was the Broad. Since its opening in September 2015, its popularity never ceased. Tickets are free but require advanced online reservation or lining up for hours (allegedly). There are few things I hate more than standing in long lines, but I was always unable to successfully reserve tickets. I was starting to give up. How cool can a museum (other than the Louvre), really be right? As it turns out, the museum releases online tickets for the following month on the first of every month, so if you check on the website on that day, you are free to choose ANY time you’d like. Just a tip for ya! 

Needlessly to say, I was pretty excited to finally see what the hype was all about. The public collection is smaller than I imagined, but it was the perfect size for me to look at every single piece and still have enough energy to actually read about the ones that intrigued me. I used to be completely puzzled by modern art, but an art course in college turned that into (mostly) appreciation. I can’t explain why, but one of my favorite pieces was this one: 

It made me laugh for some reason.

Some other random pieces that I captured are: 

Overall I liked the experience, and I think it’s really awesome that an art museum can draw so much popularity. Demand for museums can only be a good thing! 

Upon leaving the museum, I discovered a whole new world atop of Walt Disney Concert Hall. I had actually been lucky enough to see a concert in there before, but I had no idea that you can climb up the structure. I felt like I was in a modern version of the Phantom of the Opera. There was even a public garden on the top with a gorgeous view of Downtown. I was so amazed I declared that it was the most serene spot that I’ve been to in LA, which may actually be true. I have always found very hectic and uncomfortable, so I’m always on a mission to find peaceful spots. This is definitely one of the best that I’ve come across. 

Whether you live in LA or are just visiting, definitely check out these two!