Florida Lookbook

When I was little I’d get so excited over a trip that I would start packing two WEEKS in advance. It’s absurd. Through years of experience I’ve become quite the pro at packing. I can finish everything in an hour or two tops, rolling and placing everything in the most convenient, efficient, and TSA-friendly fashion. What I spend the longest during packing is of course, outfit planning. There is a lot to think about:

  • Space. I don’t like to bring too much stuff because well.. I’m the one who’s going to have to carry it. Therefore I like the bring versatile pieces that can be worn in multiple outfits, aka things I don’t mind showing up in every photo. It’s also good not to over pack because then you have room for any new goodies :p
  • Comfort & Excitement. I’m sure we all like to look good on vacation, but traveling is also tiring. You’re trapped for hours during commutes and will most likely walk quite a bit. Hence it’s important to pack pieces that are look good and feel good at the same time.

  • Weather & Vibes. Obviously it’s important to check your destination’s weather. I knew that Florida is not only hot, but also way more humid than California, so I packed accordingly. What I also like to think about is the vibes of the destination. I was essentially going to a tropical island so I didn’t pack things that were too dressy. Of course if I were traveling to London (wink), it’d be a totally different story.

Here’s everything I packed for these looks: two t shirts, one pair of dungarees, one pair of denim shorts, one black dress, one denim jacket, and one pair of sneakers, sandals, and flip flops. Easy Peasy. 

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