One Year

Today’s the day! My blog has officially turned ONE YEAR OLD. I’m a big fan of birthdays and this one is special. I have high expectations for myself in everything that I set my mind to, but things don’t always pan out the way I plan (of course). Through the ups and downs of the past year, however, I have even surprised myself by how important my blog has become to me and how much effort I’m willing to put into it. It has become a constant in my life and I have no intention of stopping now. It only goes up from here! Here are some ways it has bettered my life.

1) Discipline
I first got the idea to start a blog because I had a lot of free time on my hands and it seemed like an easy enough thing to do – just sign up and start posting. I did spend 30 bucks on a template from Etsy, but I told myself not to go all out until I could prove to myself that I could stay consistent. I set a goal: if I were still doing my blog in one year, I would buy my own domain. That one year has come and gone, and here I am! As you may have noticed, my blog is officially just

In this year I haven’t always been inspired. Keeping up with the blog in terms of frequency has been imperative to me, but I also wanted to keep it casual and representative of me, not full of sub-par, meaningless content that was only put up to fill a quota. You might see how these two self made rules can contradict each other. I had been keeping up posting five posts a month for a few months, but when I started working full time, it became a bit unrealistic. I had to give something up and thankfully I quickly realized that one of those rules was more important than the other. There wouldn’t be a point in having a blog if I didn’t love every single thing I put up, and the last thing I want is for it to become a chore. Since then I’ve been doing three posts a month. It still takes a lot of discipline but the reward much outweighs the effort.

2) Creativity
I don’t mention this on my blog often, but math is one of favorite things. My full time job consists of programming, data management, and staring at thousands and thousands of numbers. I love it. I am highly analytical and believe logic is the best way to solve my problems – even emotional problems. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a creative side too. Unlike other social media outlets, this blog is uniquely mine. Sure other people might read it, but I alone decide every image and every word that goes onto it. It fills me with joy to create something visual that I can be totally proud to stand behind.

3) Adventure
Having a blog has had a very physical effect on my life. Though I’d like to be, I’m not the most adventurous person. I get easily worried or scared and don’t always have the easiest time in social situations. While blogging is definitely not the reason I go out and do things, it has often been the deciding factor when I’m ambivalent between staying home and going on an adventure. The thought that I could discover a new place and create something for my blog helps defeat passivity with action.

On the other hand, a blog is the perfect companion to my passion for traveling. I keep a journal that usually details my trips, but a blog is the best way I can think of to document my travels and to preserve the memories.

4) Confidence
Since a young age I had an unrealistic notion that I could maybe be a model if I ever grew tall enough. This, by the way, wasn’t because I thought I was beautiful but rather because I was deeply insecure about how skinny I was, and I naively thought that being skinny is the key to being a model. Flash forward to being in Fashion Quarterly Magazine at UCSD – one of the biggest things I learned is that being a model is not easy at all. I saw lots of models and talented students do their magic in front of the camera and I was glad just to assist behind the scenes. I can take smiley photos with my friends or in front of a touristy spot with no problem, but anything else I just freeze up as soon as the camera points at me. I feel awkward and no matter how fast I spin my thoughts I can’t seem to think o more than 2 poses to do. I’ve gotten a little bit better recently, but not because I learned how to pose. It’s because I started feeling a lot more confident.

In an age of social media, it’s so easy to get jealous over seeing other people’s “perfect” looks, clothes, trips, and relationships. It can definitely be toxic, but the good thing about it is that social media is whatever you make it to be. From following bloggers that I admire, I realized that pulling off an outfit isn’t about your makeup, body, or even the clothes – it really is just about how you feel in it. Others can have opinions, but you get the final say in whether you look good. This realization made everything so much easier. Whatever I wear seems more effortless, and when I look good, I feel more capable and ready to take on the day.

If you can’t tell already, this blog means a lot to me. It has brought nothing but positivity into my life. It means the world to me if you love it like I do, but if you don’t that’s quite alright too. I’ll still be here.


Shirt & Shoes: Zara

Overalls: ASOS/Boohoo