A Night at Rick Owens

Once in a while I get to go to super cool events that seem highly exclusive. 90% of the time I’m invited by my fabulous friend Jessica. Last night’s cocktail party at the Rick Owens Store on La Brea was no exception. The event was to celebrate Rick Owens’ friend Chris Brock’s pottery collection. I had never been in the store before – it’s large, airy, and completely stunning. My friends and I marveled at his gorgeous clothes all night while catching up with each other’s busy lives. To top it off, there were free drinks and appetizers served by the best looking, smiliest caterers you ever did see.

There were tons of picture perfect spots in the store. Even though we were shy at first, we met the best sales associate Jalil who encouraged us the try on the jackets we were drooling over. He even turned on the fog wall for us! 

Speaking of photos… we found out today that MARIO TESTINO was at the same  party as us last night. (WHAT?) Even though I’m beating myself up a little over the fact that I didn’t actually see him, I’m beyond grateful to even get the opportunities that I do. I don’t work in the fashion industry, but I did dedicate a few years of my life to fashion event planning, so I know how much goes into planning a successful party that flows effortlessly. 

I had such a great time last night, and now I’m off dreaming about owning an outfit by Rick…