Getty on Fire

Getting ready for a nice day out at Getty Center, I didn’t know that a crazy sand fire in Santa Clarita had taken over half of Los Angeles’s sky. It filled the air with ash and turned its ever sunny blue sky into a combination of orange, red and black. As scary as wild fires are, yesterday’s weather made for an insane photography opportunity. The Getty Center is situated on the top of a hill, overlooking the city and the 405 highway. At the top of the hill we could clearly see the ocean front, where the weather was normal and gorgeous, but directly above us it was a completely different world.

Much like reading, visiting museums is a universally-agreed good thing to do. While I love to get a dose of culture, I can’t lie and say I don’t get bored and tired at a lot of museums. Whether it’s classical paintings or modern sculpture, the art really has to be something special for me to enjoy myself one hundred percent. Getty Center is an awesome place for someone like me because the exhibits are free of charge and there are plenty of things to do and look at outside of the exhibits, so I could take a break and enjoy a relaxing day out in between looking through art pieces. There is currently a special exhibit of Robert Mapplethorpe’s photography. I just learned about him a couple of months ago and found him fascinating. While I’m a casual photography lover, I have never appreciated it as an art form as much as I did yesterday. His portraits and floral still life photography have so much character and are so carefully composed. I would highly recommend checking him out.

Seriously, how insane do these photos look? And it’s definitely not due to my magical editing skills – cause I’ve got none. This is definitely an outing to remember.

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