Seattle – Part I

Stepping into real adulthood, I’m realizing how precious time off is becoming, which is why I want to make the most of it whenever I do have it. My best friend and I spent a short couple of days in Seattle, but we did so many things that it felt more like a week. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been to Seattle now, but I was still able to discover a bunch of new things. We started off our trip with an obligatory visit to Pike Place Market and had a crawfish feast at Matt’s at the Market, where we could see the market from our window:

After a stroll in the alleyways around the market, we decided to go for a city pass that allowed us to go to five attractions at a fraction of the individual prices. First to check off the list: a river cruise. We happened to catch a glimpse of sails that are participating in Clipper Round the World Race. Apparently anybody can sign up, go through training and do the race. The people we saw were about to start a new leg of the race and sail off to New York.

In the evening, we went to Pioneer Square and joined the Bill Speidel Underground Walking Tour, which introduced us to Seattle business district’s fascinating history. We were able to walk into several historical “underground” spaces that have remained untouched for decades. After a great fire in 1889 that burned down the entire area, the city decided to correct previous city planning mistakes and created a new and higher street level. The old ground level became “underground” and the perfect space for various illegal activities. I’m not going to go into the entire story, but spoiler alert, a lot of poop was involved in the history.

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