A few days ago my boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary by treating ourselves to a whole day of deliciousness and a stroll on Rodeo Drive, not too unlike any other day in our relationship really. A year is a magical length of time to me. Facebook likes to remind us of our memories from one or more years ago this day, but I’ve been subconsciously doing it for a long time. Whenever I get some free time to myself to reflect in a day, I always end up trying to remember what happened a year ago. If it were something bad that had happened, I tend to feel relieved when I realize it’s been a year, whereas if it were something amazing that had happened, I tend to feel slightly mournful. It’s as if one year is the mark that indicates it’s truly time to let go of the past, no matter good or bad. All this might sound exhausting but I actually really enjoy it. It helps me keep a positive perspective in life and gain closure as changes continuously take place. I used to keep an one line a day five year journal for this exact reason. As for one year in a relationship, I see it as a checkpoint and a fresh start. As we hit our one year mark, we both feel happy but not accomplished per se, because the length of a relationship is so unimportant compared to the strength of our commitment. I guess if he keeps treating me to gelato, we might have many more anniversaries to come. 


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