Sedona, Arizona: Part One

Travelling is by far my one of my favorite things to do. Even though I’m lucky enough to live in some of the best places in the world (in my opinion), my urge to go to different places never ceases. Therefore, what better way to kick off the new year than to visit a new place? My parents and I went on a short but sweet road trip to Sedona, Arizona. I hadn’t done much research beforehand. Since my dad would lead the way, I just wanted to be surprised.

The drive took a little over 7 hours, which we split into two days because of a late start on the first day. Arizona’s desert looked so different than California’s – it seemed wetter and was full of these amazingly tall cacti called saguaro cacti. I didn’t get any photos, but they looked exactly like every cartoon cactus. We kept driving and eventually got on Arizona State Route 179, otherwise known as Red Rock Scenic Byway – a very appropriate name because the view was breathtaking. In the few days before we went on the trip, the weather was horribly rainy in both Cali and Arizona, but we didn’t expect there to be so much snow left over on the mountain tops. It made it that much more gorgeous. We decided not to join any jeep or ATV tours, which were clearly the top activities in Sedona. The weather wasn’t ideal for prolonged outdoor activities anyway. Instead, we just stopped at a bunch of scenic points and trail heads and took a million photos. I couldn’t get over how pretty it was, and no photo I took could do the scenery justice.

One attraction I was set on seeing was Chapel of the Holy Cross, a church built on the red rocks. It was pretty majestic in person, and functional too! Imagine going here every Sunday. 

After having lunch at Cowboy Club (a place in Uptown Sedona that serves cactus and SNAKE), it started snowing and even hailing at some point. I definitely did not expect it, but it was a pleasant surprise because it created scenery like this: 

We stayed at Orchards Inn, which is right in the middle of Uptown Sedona and has a stunning view of the red rocks. There is no shortage of luxurious resorts and hotels in Sedona, but Orchads Inn is such a gem and a lot more affordable. Each room has the same great view, so you really can’t go wrong with booking a room there. 

The view from our room/balcony

Since our hotel was in the heart of the town, I went out to explore around sunset time despite feeling exhausted. It was quite empty and quiet because of the time of year, but I loved it that way. Everyone I passed by, whether on the street or in shops, was friendly and smiley. It didn’t hurt that there were still some Christmas lights up in an alleyway.

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