I vowed to treasure my two weeks in Beijing by being in the moment and doing what I came here to do – spend time with family. With the weather being dreary and cold, I’ve mostly been staying indoors, scouring through old photos and listening to my grandma tell stories from the past. Today, however, I decided that it’s time to get out, before the temperature falls below freezing in the upcoming week (yes.. and it’s still just November). I chose to go see a row of beautiful ginkgo trees that have turned the ground into a golden carpet. These trees are really common in Beijing, but the place I went to was special because it’s right outside of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, a historic hotel that hosts international government officials. It is well maintained and attracts lots of people every fall. 

It wasn’t until I came back from my walk that my grandma showed me a picture of me being there when I was little. If my memories were a journal, then the pages from my childhood have all gone yellow, because I definitely do not recall having been there before. That’s what makes it special though, I guess – going to places that haven’t changed while I have changed completely. 

Outfit Details

Top: Sandro

Skirt: Zara

Boots: Office UK

Coat: Ted Baker

Scarf: Primark

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