Snow & Art – A “Winter” Day

Opening my curtains this morning, I was absolutely astonished to see that our yard has turned into this: 

Even though the weather report has been saying snow for days, I didn’t expect anything nearly as beautiful and winter-y. The fact that I was photographing yellow leaves the other day and snow today is amazing to me. Being in California for years has made the most normal seasonal transitions foreign to me. It’s REAL snow!!

In the afternoon, I got the opportunity to visit a traditional Chinese art academy, where I got to meet and have tea with a couple of well known artists in their studios. In a bustling and anxiety inducing city like Beijing, I felt like I was in a serene dreamland. Since it’s a Sunday, the academy was extra quiet. The snow that accumulated in its picturesque garden was completely untouched, and I felt special to be the first to create a trail of footsteps.

Art supplies used by one of the artists I met