Favorite Coffee Shops

        As much as I appreciate good quality coffee, taste is not the only or even the most important reason for me to love a coffee shop. I love coffee shops because of their atmospheres, their people, and the conversations I could have there, whether it’s light hearted gossiping, or deep and meaningful catch-up sessions. I am no expert in coffee – Starbucks is more than good enough for me – but I do know which coffee shops draw me back time and again. These are few coffee shops in San Diego that I enjoy immensely:


        Pannikin is quite a popular spot in La Jolla, and I first went because it’s one of the closest coffee shops to me. However, I really grew to love it not just because of convenience, but because of how comfortable it is. While its outdoor seating is a somewhat typical SoCal patio setup, its indoor area reminds me of a cozy living room. I can’t wait until it gets a little colder here because I can’t think of anything better than getting a hot Latte and reading a good book at Pannikin.

Cafe Bassam

        I discovered this gem after a date night at an outdoor theater called Cinema Under the Stars, and I instantly fell in love with it for one simple reason – it feels like Europe. Everything from the placement of the tables to the artwork and decor reminded me of a cafe in Portugal that I went to during my study abroad adventures. But Cafe Bassam provides more than just a feeling of nostalgia and escape from California. Its drinks definitely do not disappoint, and the contrast between its modern and sleek outside and its quirky yet traditional inside gives it a lot of character.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters
        This one is a San Diegan classic. Even though it might be cliche to include it on a favorites list, I can’t deny that their coffee is absolutely delicious. Located just steps away from the beach, Bird Rock is a quintessentially Californian hangout. My favorite part of it are the large and breezy window stills where you can just relax, chat, or people (and dog) watch. They make the space feel really open, so even on a packed day when people are working intensely on their laptops, finding a spot on the window stills will allow you to enjoy your coffee stress free.

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